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Plants to Prevent Graying Hair

Some gray hair is caused by age, however, the cause of gray hair is not just the age factor alone, many other factors that can cause gray hair. Speaking about gray hair, lots of facts and myths that mixed-stir in the community. Some say that aging causes rapid hair graying, others say that more gray hair is determined by heredity. Some villagers believe that pulling gray hair will actually make it grow faster, some others do not believe it. Which is correct? Before discussing those opinions, let's understand why gray hair.

Gray hair is hair that changes color to white. Not usually occur simultaneously. Hair becomes gray when melanocytes cells in hair follicles stop producing melanin (color pigment). Hair melanin is composed of two types of dark brown eumelanin or pheomelanin black and yellow or red. Concentration and combination of both in different proportions creates a wide spectrum of human hair colors, from jet black to light blonde. Hair that has lost most of the melanin will be colored gray, hair that has lost all of it is white pigment. The process is usually a gradual loss of melanin, the longer the more hair to gray and white.

The following is a cause of gray hair.

  • Age factor
Although not the only factor, aging is a major cause of gray hair. Our skin cells produce small amounts of hydrogen peroxide as part of the body's oxygen cycle. These chemical compounds are free radicals that must be broken down by enzymes catalase and discarded by our bodies. Aging causes reduced production of the enzyme catalase that hydrogen peroxide accumulates and interferes with the production of melanin. In addition, aging also reduces the production of other enzymes that support improvement of hair, which in turn lowers the production of melanin.

However, faster does not mean gray hair faster aging. A study of about 1,200 people in Rancho Bernardo, California, showed that the growth of gray hair are not associated with bone density in old age.

  • Heredity factors
Genetics play a role in causing the growth of gray hair faster than others their age. White people in general with gray in their early 30's, Asians in the late 30's, and the Africans in the mid 40's. Male gray faster than women. The first silvery strands usually appear around age 30 in men and age 35 in women. Half of the 50-year-old man who already has a significant amount of gray hair.

  • Stress
Stress hormones can affect the survival and activity of melanocytes. A person who is experiencing stress in the long term can have a gray hair quickly.

In one experiment, mice were injected with artificial adrenaline (isoproterenol) to trigger the stress has decreased the amount of protein that protects cells from damage, from the nature of cosmetics such as hair graying to life-threatening as cancer. P53 protein is, who was dubbed the "guard the genome" because it prevents DNA mutation and tumor formation. Prolonged stress acting together with the injection of adrenaline in reducing the level of p53.

  • Malnutrition
Malnutrition due to lack of supply of nutrients or severe illness can also stop or reduce the production of melanin. Examples of these conditions is a deficiency of vitamin A or a B-12 and problems with the thyroid gland or pituitary. Hair color changes due to malnutrition is usually reversible. If the problem is corrected, the hair color will return to normal.
  • Repeal gray hair
Repeal gray hair will not make a lot more gray hair that grows in his place. What usually happens is that your hair is gray and there are in the process of new shoots next to the hair plucked. Having gray hair pulled, they like to grow to replace them in greater numbers.

There are some plants that can be used to prevent gray hair, among others:

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