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Plants to treat and eliminate dandruff

Dandruff is dead skin that peeled off the scalp. Dandruff is known in the form of white flakes embedded in the hair, shoulder, or on clothing. Many people assume that dandruff is caused by dry scalp, use too much shampoo or a lack of cleanliness. The replacement of cells on the scalp occurs slowly and is not visible to the eye. The process of change is happening every month. If this process becomes faster, then there will be disruption on the scalp which we call dandruff.

Causes of dandruff

One cause of dandruff is the fungus Pityrosporum ovale (P. ovale). which is a fungus, which is naturally present on the scalp and other parts of the skin. In very small amounts, this fungus causes no harm. However, with the weather changes, hormonal, and stress, the scalp will produce more oil, causing the fungus P. Ovale proliferate. With the proliferation of the fungus, will cause itching of the scalp skin cells and accelerate the loss of time so comes dandruff.

Symptoms of dandruff

  • Presence of fragments
This is a sign that most easily seen. These fragments is a sign that the skin on the head loss and turnover time of cells on the scalp to be faster. White flakes of various sizes and shapes found in the scalp, the hair. Scalp cell turnover is usually not detected by the eye. But with the speed of this change, causing dandruff arises. So, every grain flakes that look actually is a collection of a number of dead scalp cells.

  • Itchy
Itching of the scalp dalah one sign of dandruff. Itching occurs because of inflammation occur on the scalp caused by the fungus P. ovale. Fungus that causes dandruff and itchy scalp.

  • Redness
The third sign of dandruff known as seborrhea. In this condition, there is redness around the scalp. Can also be seen around the eyebrows, cheeks, behind the ears or the chest.

There are some plants that can be used to treat dandruff, among others:

1/2 pieces old fruit of Coconut - Cocos nucifera, Linn's plus 1 Lime - Citrus aurantifolia, Swingle. Shredded or crushed, then mixed with the water present in the fruit of Coconut - Cocos nucifera, Linn, and filtered. Use water to wash it regularly, every 5 days
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