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Catchbirdtree - Pisonia alba Span

Catchbirdtree - Pisonia alba Span is a plant that has synonyms: P. grandis, R.Br. = P. sylvestris T & B. var. And included in the familia: Nyctaginaceae

Catchbirdtree - Pisonia alba Span is native to Indonesia, especially in the east and in Java. Grew well in the woods, the beach and other open places such as in the yard as a hedge, as an ornamental plant in gardens or growing wild and can be found from 1-300 m above sea level. Shrubs or small trees, about 5-13 m tall, branches somewhat flattened so that it looks shady. Single leaf, stemmed, flat edge or serrated, pointed tip, base obtuse, 9-24 cm long, 3-16 cm wide, bone pinnate leaves. The young leaves growing on the stem end of the color white to pale yellow, dark green leaves were young. Small flower-shaped tube, a rare compound interest.

Composition of Catchbirdtree - Pisonia alba Span:

The chemistry and pharmacological effect: Leaves: weak odor not distinctive, taste fresh. Anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), disinfectant (anti-septic).

Curable Disease with Catchbirdtree - Pisonia alba Span:

Asthma, ulcers, swelling, skin thickening (clavus), frequent urination (polyuria)

Pisonia alba Span (Nyctaginaceae) (PAEt) was found to have antidiabeticactivity that reduces blood sugar level in alloxan induced diabetic rats. In this study, a 15 daysantihyperglycemic effect of the two different doses (250 and 500 mg/kg b.w.p.o) of PAEt was investigated.
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