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Flame Lily - Gloriosa superba L

Flame Lily - Gloriosa superba L is a plant that has synonyms: Methonica superba, Lamk. And included in the familia: Liliaceae

Flame Lily - Gloriosa superba L can be grown as an ornamental plant vines on the fence, or coastal areas up to 300 m above sea level. Coming from the tropics in Asia and Africa, like the open exposed to full sun. Flowering early rainy season, and are known to have rhizomes are toxic, long-lived, climbing, reaching 2.5 m tall, branching wide. Trunk soft, single leaf shape lanceolate, pointed tip, base hugging the stem, flat edge, 8-25 cm long, 1-4 cm wide, green, elongated flower buds are round, long-stemmed, pointy end facing down. When in bloom, the flowers will turn up, the six petals and curly shapes, the top color is red, yellow-green base. 4-5 cm long pieces. Seeds many, red-orange color. Its roots have a horizontal rhizome and large.

The composition of the Flame Lily - Gloriosa superba L:

The chemistry and pharmacological effects: Rhizome poisonous (toxic). Relief of fever, relieve pain and eliminate swelling. Chemical Ingredients: Colchicine, an alkaloid

Diseases That Can Be Treated with Flame Lily - Gloriosa superba L:

Eczema, paralysis, joint pain, fever, syphilis, cramps; edema/swelling,
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