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Foetid Cassia - Cassia tora Linn

Foetid Cassia - Cassia tora Linn is synonymous memnpunyai plants: Cassia foetida, Salisb. Cassia obtusifolia, Linn. Tagera cassia, Lamk. And included in the familia: Caesalpiniaceae (Leguminosae).

Foetid Cassia - Cassia tora Linn includes a small shrub that grows upright with a height of about 1 m. Growing wild in the city, riverside area, shrubs and sometimes grown as an ornamental plant. The trunk is straight, woody stem, much branched, hairy stem end regions are rare. Leaves alternate location, such as double pinnately compound leaves consist of three pairs of young leaves are oval shaped breech, 2-3 cm long, width 1 1/2 - 3 cm, slightly rounded tip and base tapering leaves, the color green, the lower surface of the leaves smooth-haired. Many yellow flowers arranged in a series of bunches that grow in axillary panicles. The fruit is a pod crustaceans contain 20-30 seeds curved shape shiny yellow brown. These shrubs from tropical America and liked the open or somewhat shady to grow in the lowlands up to 800 m above sea level.

The composition of the foetid Cassia - Cassia tora Linn:

The chemistry and pharmacological effects: sweet, bitter and salty, a bit cold. Treatment of eye inflammation, diuretic, launched a bowel movement. This entry herb liver meridian (purifies = cleaning) and the kidney meridian (Supports = strengthen). Chemical Ingredients: fresh seeds containing chryzophanol, emodin, aloe-emodin, rhein, physcion, obtusin, aurantio-obtusin, rubrobusarin, torachryson, toralactone, vit.A.

Curable Disease with foetid Cassia - Cassia tora Linn:

Inflammation of the eye, corneal injury, night blindness, glaucoma, hypertension, hepatitis, cirrhosis, ascites, constipation.
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