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Guajava - Cassia alata, Linn

Guajava - Cassia alata, Linn is a plant belonging to the family: Caesalpiniaceae

Guajava - Cassia alata, Linn is a species of tree that grow big and wild in a humid place. Now the plant is often kept as a shade home page. Guajava - Cassia alata, Linn has a large leaf size with an oval shape that is located opposite to each other, through the twigs and leaves decompose (finned even). Flowers guajava - Cassia alata, Linn has a crown on the bottom and yellow buds on the stem end of the color brown. The fruit in the form of a winged pods and flat black. Guajava - Cassia alata, Linn thrives on the lowlands to an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level.

Composition of guajava - Cassia alata, Linn:

The chemistry and pharmacological effects: Spicy, warm, insecticidal, relieve itch, laxative, anthelmintic, drug skin disorder caused by skin parasites. Chemical Ingredients: Rein-emodina aloe, aloe-emodina rein-diantron, rein, aloe emodina, krisofanat acid, (dihidroksimetilanthraquinone), tannin.

Curable Disease with guajava - Cassia alata, Linn:

Tinea versicolor, ringworm, scabies, Constipation, Worms, Sprue.
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