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Java Tea - Orthosiphon aristatus (B1) Miq

Java Tea - Orthosiphon aristatus (B1) Miq is a plant that has synonyms: O. longiflorum, Ham. O. grandiflorum et aristatum, Bl. O. spiralis, Merr. O. Stamineus, Benth. O. grandiflorus, Bold. Clerodendranthus spicatus (Thunb.) C.Y. Wu. Trichostemma spiralis, Lour. And included in the familia: Labiatae

Java Tea - Orthosiphon aristatus (B1) Miq grow erect, 1-2 m tall, rectangular rod slightly grooved, short haired or bald. Single leaf, oval, lanceolate, or lozenges, fluffy, coarse serrated edge is irregular, both speckled surface because essential oil glands. Flower bunches out the form at the end of the branch, colors pale purple or white (there are blue and white), the longer stamens of the flower tube. Fruit color is dark brown. Grows in lowland and medium altitude areas.

Terms Growing from Java Tea - Orthosiphon aristatus (B1) Miq:

  • Elevation: 500 m - 900 m above sea level
  • Annual rainfall: 3000 mm / year
  • Month wet (above 100 mm / month): 7 months - 9 months
  • Dry months (below 60 mm / month): 3 months - 5 months
  • Air temperature: 280C - 340C
  • Humidity: medium
  • Irradiation: high

  • Type: andosol, latosol
  • Tekstrur: sandy loam
  • Drainage: Good
  • Depth of ground water: more than 70 cm of the soil surface
  • Rooting depths: 30 cm - 60 cm of the soil surface
  • Acidity (pH): 5-7
  • Fertility: medium - high

The composition of Java Tea - Orthosiphon aristatus (B1) Miq:

The chemistry and pharmacological effects: Sweet, slightly bitter, cool, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, urinary tract stone crushing. Chemical Ingredients: Orthosiphon glycosides, essential oils, fatty oils, saponins, sapofonin, potassium salt, myoinositol.

Curable Disease with Java Tea - Orthosiphon aristatus (B1) Miq:

Infection Kidney, Bladder Infections, Urinary stones, gout, urinary launched, lowering body heat.
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