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Plant to treat / remove Clavus

Clavus is a disorder of the foot, such as thickened skin, uneven, looks like inverted cone with the base is on the skin surface. If it is held will feel hard, sometimes be painful. Another source says that this is the sort clavus benign tumor that usually grows on the skin surface of the foot. Clavus shape is usually round and white. Various professional familiar with such clavus guitar player in the fingers, toes shoes on, etc.. What will determine whether wet or dry. When dry skin occurs on the surface and in the event of interrupted wet fingers.

Causes of Clavus

There are some opinions that mention Clavus causes. The first opinion is, Clavus arise caused by a virus which then goes between the skin and the meat then damage the tissue under the skin, so the longer, more hardened, and enlarged. The second opinion is Clavus not caused by germs, but is caused by friction or pressure for a long time, resulting in thickening of the skin. The cause thickening of the skin and the pressure is constant friction. For example, because the use of shoes that are too narrow or long. Therefore, the greatest pressure on the soles of the feet, the clavus usually occur in the feet.

Signs and Symptoms of Clavus

clavus may be associated with other diseases. Example: Clavus induced peripheral nerve disorder caused by diabetes. If clavus occurs in people with diabetes who have peripheral nerve disorders legs, usually do not feel pain. But this can be dangerous, because it can divert attention to the serious injuries that can result in diabetes.

There are some herbs that can be used to treat / remove Clavus, among others:

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