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Plants to Treat Swelling during Pregnancy

Leg swelling in pregnant women occur due to changes in metabolism, especially in volumen balance of body fluids. When not pregnant, the volume of water that enters the body, almost as much as the volume of output. If the volume of excess water, the body will automatically be issued in the form of sweat, bowel movements, and especially during urination. This makes the fluid balance in our bodies will always be maintained. However, in certain circumstances, such as impaired renal function due to an infection, excess fluid can not always be removed smoothly. If this occurs, excess fluid will be buried and stored in body tissues. That fluid retention appears to be a swelling of the tissues that accumulate excess water.

When the swelling suffered during pregnancy is still relatively mild, symptoms will be swelling in the calves and feet that can disappear on their own after the rest. If the swelling is more severe, the swelling does not only occur on the feet and calves but spread to the thighs, genitals (especially the outer genital lips), and abdomen. Whereas if categorized as severe, may occur until the entire abdomen and accompanied by symptoms acites (accumulation of fluid in the abdomen).

The main key is to prevent or cope with knowing the cause swollen. So, if your health during pregnancy has been inspected and monitored as a whole, the swelling can be prevented. If the results of a medical examination before becoming pregnant mothers suffer from hypertension, the possibility of swelling can be prevented. Among others, by reducing salt consumption habits.

There are some herbs that can be used to to treat swelling during pregnancy, among others:

Some grains fruits of Pepper - Piper nigrum L mashed and mixed with a little water, then applied on the swollen foot.
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