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Herbs to Increase Sexual Desire (Libido)

Sexual desire (libido) is a desire or motivation to perform sexual activity. Everyone has a sexual desire that is different. Some people have a high sex drive. but many also have low sexual desire, or declining.

Here are some of the factors that cause sexual desire (libido) decreased:

  • Biological Factors
Biological factors such as fatigue, may be one of the factors causing the loss or decreased sexual desire. Fatigue can arise from work, lack of rest or sleep deprivation. In sexual intercourse needs to hire a good and sufficient, and the physical state of the body healthy and refreshing.

  • Psychological Factors
Many things that cause decreased sexual desire, one psychological factor. The trauma with previous sexual experience (particularly in women), self-doubt, a difference of understanding about sex with a partner, frequent disputes with a partner, feeling stressed, bored with the monotonous style of lovemaking, etc..

  • Body Health Factors
A number of diseases known to influence sexual arousal, such as cancer, arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis), and diabetes. This disorder occurs due to the disease itself or because of feelings of fear or anxiety due to her illness. In addition, the consumption of anti-depressant medications can also impair sexual arousal.

  • Factors Andropause / Menopause
If women knew the name menopause, then for men called andropause. That changes the level of testosterone and estrogen, so the composition of the hormone imbalance. On average, this hormone balance disorder cases occur in men aged between 40 and 50 years old. There are also already experienced this in the 30s, but not much.

One of the effects of Andropause / Menopause is a decrease in sexual desire. Not only libido decreases, but also often experience erectile difficulties. Thus, the man who had also tired very easily. Not only at the time of intercourse, but also at work or doing other activities.

  • Diet and Lifestyle
Many studies have shown that food tertenu can reduce sexual desire. For example, consuming too much red meat, alcohol and smoking. How to cure naturally to reduce or eliminate these foods and exercise.

  • After Childbirth (in women)
A woman will have increased to the hormone proklatin causes decreased sexual desire, and often refuse to have sex. In addition, in the use or selection of contraception that may not fit as well have a role in the decline of female sexual arousal.

There are some herbs that can be used to enhance sexual desire (libido), among others:

For men that have the sexual problems (impotence) there are some herbs that can be used to treat it, you can see it here
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Physical activity alone will not prevent that natural increase in body fat that most women experience as they go through menopause. A healthy diet is key also.

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