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Pepper - Piper nigrum L

Pepper - Piper nigrum L are plants that are included in the familia: Piperaceae.

Pepper - Piper nigrum L is an annual herbaceous plants, vines. Stem round, jointed, branched, having roots adhesive, dirty green color. Single leaf, oval, heart shape base, pointed tip, flat edge, 5-8 cm long, 2-5 cm wide, green color. Compound interest, hanging, 3.5 to 22 cm long, green color. Round fruit, young fruit is green and dark red after.

Composition of Pepper - Piper nigrum L:

Essential oils, pinena, kariofilena, limonena, filandrena, alkaloids piperina, kavisina, piperitina, piperidine, bitter substances, oil and grease.

Curable Disease with Pepper - Piper nigrum L:

Typical properties: Spicy, warm, and blood circulation. Efficacy: carminative, diaforetik, diuretics, and analgesics. Study the effect of fruit Pepper - Piper nigrum L, the pregnancy of mice. From this research, it turns out the fruit Pepper - Piper nigrum L in large enough doses, it can cause fetal resorption mice. Other studies with fruit infusions from Pepper - Piper nigrum L to eliminate the effects of pain in mice. From this research, it appeared that oral administration dose infusion with 500 mg / kg bw, led to the extension of the reaction time, the same as the dose of paracetamol 250 mg / kg bw, and shorter than metamizol with a dose of 250 mg / kg bw. The study of the effect of fruit powder Pepper - Piper nigrum L black against paracetamol hepatotoxicity in male mice. From this research, it turns out powder Pepper - Piper nigrum L black at a dose of 305.76 mg / kg bw given jointly by administering paracetamol dose of 250 mg / kg bw could hinder the process hepatotoksis in mice.
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