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Plants as a Practical Contraceptive for Men

Contraception is derived from two words, namely counter and conception merged into contraception, which attempts to prevent pregnancy. These efforts may be temporary, it can also be permanent.

The workings of contraception is to seek to prevent ovulation, sperm Disable and Block the sperm meeting the egg.

Broadly speaking, contraceptive divided into two, namely hormonal and non-hormonal contraception.

Hormonal contraception.

Hormonal contraception is one of the most effective methods for controlling fertility is reversible. Hormonal contraception is one way to prevent pregnancy that contains the steroid hormone. The requirements to be met by a method of contraception that is safe / harmless, reliable, simple, inexpensive, can be accepted by the people, and the long-term use.

Types of hormonal contraceptives

  • Contraceptive tablets
Contraceptive tablets are tablet shaped contraceptive used to prevent pregnancy, containing estrogen and progesterone.
  • Injectable Contraception
CICs are a means to prevent pregnancy, use by way of injecting the drug.
  • Contraceptive Implant / Norplant
Contraceptive implants / Norplant is a contraceptive device that is placed under the skin of her upper arm.

Non Hormonal Contraception

Non-hormonal contraception is a method of contraception used by blocking the sperm meets the egg. So no fertilization occurs resulting fetus.
Examples of non-hormonal contraceptives include: condoms, IUD (intra-uterine disease), etc.

In addition to the above methods of contraception, there are some traditional methods of contraception that can be used. Same function, namely to prevent pregnancy. Usually by using plants as medicine. One of these plants is Chasteberry - Vitex trifolia L. Chasteberry - Vitex trifolia L contains a substance that can reduce the quality of the male sperm. Thereby reducing the risk of egg fertilization. which aims to prevent pregnancy.

By consuming the root of Chasteberry - Vitex trifolia L regularly, it takes effect on male contraception. You do this by boiling the root of Chasteberry - Vitex trifolia L, then take water to drink.
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