Aloe Vera Linn

Aloe Vera Linn, is a plant that has a synonym: Aloe barbadensis, Mill. Aloe vulgaris, Lamk. And included in the familia: Liliaceae

Aloe Vera Linn usually grown in a hot air or planted in pots and the yard, as an ornamental plant. Spiky leaves, thick, brittle, prickly edges are small, mottled surface, 15-36 cm long, 2-6 cm wide, stemmed flowers, 60-90 cm long, orange flowers, often found in northern Africa, the West Indies. Aloe Vera Plant Stem short-trunked. Trunk does not look as it is covered by dense leaves and partially buried in the soil. Through this rod shoots will emerge which further makes the tiller. Aloe Vera also arise from long-stemmed trunk through cracks or axillary panicles. Thick fleshy leaves, not reinforced, grayish green, contain a lot of water and many contain latex or mucus (gel) as raw material for the drug. Aloe vera plants resistant to drought because many stored in the leaves of water reserves that could be used at a time of water shortage. Leaf shape resembles a sword with a tapered tip, leaf surface wax coated, with weak spines on the edges. Long leaves can reach 50-75 cm, weighing 0.5 kg - 1 kg, leaves curled tightly around the rod. Aloe Vera Flowers Flowers are yellow or reddish in the form of pipes that collects, out of the armpit leaves. Flowers are small, and the length can reach 1 meter. Flowers usually appear when grown in the mountains. Roots of Aloe Vera plant roots in the form of a short, hairy roots are in the ground. Root length ranged from 50-100 cm.

The composition of Aloe Vera Linn:

The chemistry and pharmacological effects: bitter taste, cold. Anti-inflammatory, laxative, parasitiside. This herb is entered into the heart meridian, liver and pancreas. Chemical Ingredients: Aloin, barbaloin, isobarbaloin, aloe-emodin, aloenin, aloesin.

Curable Disease of Aloe Vera Linn:

Burns, boils, tonsillitis, eye pain, Sprain, as Cosmetics, Acne, Diabetes, Hemorrhoids, Constipation, Syphilis.
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