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Erchagouyahua - Ervatamia divaricata (L.) Burk

Erchagouyahua - Ervatamia divaricata (L.) Burk is a plant that has synonyms: E. coronaria, Stapf. = Tabernaemontana coronaria, Willd. = T. divaricata, R.Br. And included in the familia: Apocynaceae

Erchagouyahua - Ervatamia divaricata (L.) Burk commonly planted as an ornamental plant in the yard and in the garden. Originally from India, spread across Southeast Asia and other tropical regions, and can be found from the lowlands to 400 m above sea level. Growing up straight and branched, 0.5 to 3 m tall, woody stems, contain sap like milk. Single leaf, thick as leather, lies opposite, short-stemmed. Leaves elongated ovoid shape, tapered tip and base, flat edge, upper surface glossy, 6-15 cm long, 2-4 cm wide, green color. Flower stalk out of the armpit leaves, short with a few flowers. Flower color is white with a yellow center section, 5 cm in diameter, fragrant. The fruit box, elliptical, hairy. Fleshy seeds, webbed red color. This plant has a taproot, cylindrical shape, diameter of 1-5 cm, yellow.

Composition of Erchagouyahua - Ervatamia divaricata (L.) Burk:

The chemistry and pharmacological effects: Acid. Clean the heat and poison (toxin), relieve pain (analgesic), lowers blood pressure, expectorant, anthelmintic. Bark and roots contain: Tabernaemontanin, Coronarin, Coronandin; dregamin, vobasin, Corin, Cortin, lupeol, tannins.

Curable Disease with Erchagouyahua - Ervatamia divaricata (L.) Burk:

Ulcers, cough with phlegm, Sore Breasts, Bitten by a dog, Hypertension, Sore eyes, broken bones, toothache, worms pinworm. Diarrhoea, venomous animal bites, Throat swelling.
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