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Mahogany - mahogany Swietenia Jacq

Mahogany - mahogany Swietenia Jacq is a plant that has synonyms: S. macrophylla, King. = S. mahogany, (Bl.), Jacq. And included in the familia: Meliaceae

Mahogany - mahogany Swietenia Jacq grows wild in the woods and other places close to the shore, or planted by the roadside as a shade tree. This plant comes from the West Indies, can flourish, when grown in brackish sand close to the beach. Trees, annual, 5-25 m tall, rooted riding, round stem, much branched and gummy wood. Even compound leaves, leaf blade ovate shape, tapered tip and base, flat edge, 3-15 cm long. Young leaves are red, dark green color after. Bungan compound arranged in a bouquet out of the armpit leaves. Petals off each other, like a spoon shape, green color. Crown cylindrical, brownish yellow, stamens attached to the corolla, anthers white, golden brown. Mahogany - mahogany Swietenia Jacq flowering after the age of 7 years. Fruit boxes, oval, notched five, the color brown. Seeds flat, black or brown color. Mahogany is a hardwood-producing trees.

Composition of Mahogany - mahogany Swietenia Jacq:

Chemical constituents: saponins and flavonoids

Curable Disease with mahogany - mahogany Swietenia Jacq:

Hypertension, increase appetite, fever, diabetes mellitus, eczema, rheumatism.
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