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Plants for treating dull skin feet (scaly)

Skin dry and scaly feet are one of the most common skin problems complained of by many, especially by women.

To keep your feet nice and beautiful, you can switch to natural skin care ingredients. To ensure your feet stay beautiful and free from dry skin, you can do a sauna, and a foot soak. Soaking the feet in warm water with a little salt mix is a great way to moisturize your feet after activity outside the home

Leather toe and heel which was due to extra dry skin type is dry, congenital skin disorder, dehydration or lack of water on foot. Foot dry skin types can get worse if it is in the room with the air conditioning or are in dry weather constantly. Moreover, if the foot terkane chemicals from detergents, floor cleaners, and others.

Another problem in the legs is usually a thickening or calluses on the feet, mainly in part that often rub against shoes or sandals. This thickening of the skin usually occurs because of the use of high heels, disruption of the metatarsal bones, abnormal gait, or by obesity, "he said.

To treat foot skin a dull, commonly used moisturizing cream. Some people treat dull skin feet (scaly) by soaking the foot.

There are some herbs that can be used to treat skin dull feet (scaly), among others:

2 pieces of ripe Noni - Morinda citrifolia, Linn, mashed, smeared on the skin dull (scaly), left to stand for 5-10 minutes, then cleaned with a clean cloth dampened with warm water.
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