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Spider Flower - Cleome spinosa L

Spider Flower - Cleome spinosa L is a plant that has synonyms: Gynandropsis speciosa., (HBK), DC. And included in the familia: Capparidaceae

Spider Flower - Cleome spinosa L can be found growing wild, or planted in the garden to fill the gaps in the element edge of the park, and is used as a cut flower. Native of tropical America, are found growing in the lowlands to 1,400 m asl., In open places exposed to the sun with the temperature being. Grows erect, 60-160 cm tall, often branched, glabrous or hairy not meeting stink. Leaf stalks. The leaves form compound leaves numbered 3-5. Compound interest, out of the end of the shaft in the series. Each flower consists of 4 petals curl in a stamen length, resembling a spider. Purple or white flowers. Pieces of fruit boxes with a long stalk, 7-11 cm long, green color. Seeds many.

The composition of the Spider Flower - Cleome spinosa L:

The chemistry and pharmacological effects: Spicy, sweet, warm. Blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles.

Curable Disease with Spider Flower - Cleome spinosa L:

Rheumatic and bruises.
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