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Bitter melon - Momordica charantia L

Bitter melon - Momordica charantia L is a plant that has synonyms: M.balsamina, Blanco. = M.balsamina, Descourt. = M.cylindrica, Blanco. = M.jagorana C.Koch. = M.operculata, Vell. = Cucumis africanus, Lindl. And included in the familia: Cucurbitaceae

Bitter melon - Momordica charantia L are common in the tropics, it grows well in the lowlands and can be found growing wild, cultivated or planted in the garden, to take the fruit. These plants do not require a lot of sunlight, so it can thrive in places that are somewhat sheltered. Crop year, creeping, much branched, smell bad. Five ribbed stem, length of 2-5 m. Single leaf, stemmed, 1.5 to 5.3 cm in length, the location of alternate, elliptical shape, with a length of 3.5 to 8.5 cm, 4 cm wide, dark green. Single flower, androgynous in a tree, long-stemmed, yellow. Round fruit lengthwise, with 8-10 longitudinal ribs, berbenjol irregular, 8-30 cm long, bitter taste. Fruit color green to orange when ripe that broke with 3 valves. Seeds many, yellowish brown, elongated flat shape, tough.

Composition of Bitter melon - Momordica charantia L:

The chemistry and pharmacological effects: bitter, cold, Anti-inflammation. Sign meridian heart, liver and lungs. Fruit: expectorant, blood purifier, increase appetite, fever, body toners. Flowers: Stimulates digestive enzymes. Leaves: launch period, laxatives, stimulant vomiting, fever.
Chemical Ingredients: Leaves: momordisin, momordin, karantin, trikosanik acid, resin, resinat acids, saponins, vitamins A and C, and fatty oil consisting of oleic acid, linoleic acid, stearic acid and L.oleostearat. Fruit: Karantin, hydroxytryptamine, vitamins A, B and C. Seed: momordisin.

Curable Disease with Bitter melon - Momordica charantia L:

Cough, sore throat, red eyes Pain, fever, malaria. Adding appetite, diabetes, rheumatic, Sprue; boils, abscesses, fever, malaria, liver disease, constipation, intestinal worms
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