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Homalomena occulta [Lour.] Schott

Homalomena occulta [Lour.] Schott is a plant that has synonyms: H, javanica VAVR And included in the familia: Araceae

Homalomena occulta [Lour.] Schott grows wild in the mountains, the river edge, the edge of the lake, or planted as a medicinal plant and ornamental plant in a somewhat sheltered. 50-100 cm tall. Trunked round, not woody,  purple-brown color, and form an elongated rhizomes. Single leaf, stem 50-60 cm long, fleshy round. Heart shape leaves, pointed tip, flat edge, both smooth, 70-90 cm long, 20-35 cm wide, dark green. Compound interest and purple leaves grow diketiak, androgynous, length 15-30 cm, and purple stems.

The composition of Homalomena occulta [Lour.] Schott:

Homalomena occulta [Lour.] Schott contain saponins, flavonoids, tannins, and polyphenols. The leaves contain saponins and flavonoids.

Curable Disease with Homalomena occulta [Lour.] Schott:

It was bitter, spicy, warm nature, and non-toxic. Affinity to the liver and kidney meridians. Effectively eliminates wind and moisture and strengthen the tendons and bones.
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