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Impatiens balsamina Linn

Garden balsam - Impatiens balsamina Linn is a plant that has synonyms: Impatiens cornuta, Linn. Impatiens hortensis, Desf. Impatiens Mutila, D.C. I.triflora Mutila balsamina Blanco, DC. And included in the familia: Balsaminaceae

Garden balsam - Impatiens balsamina Linn grow branched, with a single leaf, the shape of elongated lanceolate, light green serrated edge. Brightly colored flowers, there are several kinds of colors, such as red, orange, purple, white, etc.. The fruit when old will open an twisted into 5 parts. Usually grown as an ornamental plant height 30-80 cm.

The composition of the Garden balsam - Impatiens balsamina Linn:

The chemistry and pharmacological effects: Tasted bitter, warm, mildly poisonous. Efficacious blood circulation, soften hard lumps.
The chemical content of Interest: Anthocyanins, cyanidin, delphinidin, pelargonidin, mal-vidin, kaempherol, quercetin. Roots: cyanidin mono-glycoside.

Curable Disease with Garden balsam - Impatiens balsamina Linn:

facilitate menstruation, gastrointestinal cancer, Swelling, Rheumatic, snake bites, skin inflammation, vaginal discharge, broken bone / fracture, pain, anti-inflammatory, foreign objects stuck in the throat


Pregnant women are prohibited from consuming this plant. On the use of long, dry mouth can occur (Xerostomia), nausea (Nausea), decreased appetite (anorexia), which disappeared after a lower dose of stopping treatment during 2-3 days.
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