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Plants for treating chronic suppurative otitis media

Chronic suppurative otitis media is a chronic inflammation of the middle ear with a tympanic membrane perforation and a history of ear discharge secretions (otorea) more than two months, either continuous or intermittent. Secretions may be thin or thick, clear or pus

Chronic suppurative otitis media is divided into two types, namely:

  • Type tubo tympanic
Tubo tympanic disease characterized by the presence of central perforation or pars Tensa and limited to the mucosa only, usually not exposed bone. Some other factors that affect this state especially eustachius tubal patency, upper tract infection, mucosal defenses against infection fail in patients with low body resistance, in addition to a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, spacious and degree of changes in the mucosa, and secondary migration of epithelial squamous. Chronic mucoid secretions associated with goblet cell hyperplasia, metaplasia of the middle ear mucosa on the type of respiration and Muko siliar ugly.

  • Type Aticoantral
In this type is found Colesteatom and dangerous. Aticoantral disease more often about flaksida pars and unique as the formation of retraction pockets in which the accumulation of keratin to produce colesteatom. Colesteatom is an amorphous mass, consistency like butter, white, composed of epithelial layers that have been inlaid necrotic.

Causes of chronic suppurative otitis media

Chronic suppurative otitis media is almost always starts with recurrent otitis media in children, rarely begins as an adult. Factors infection usually comes from the nasopharynx (adenoiditis, tonsillitis, rhinitis, sinusitis), reaches the middle ear through the fallopian eustachius. Abnormal tubal function eustachius predisposing factors were found in children with cleft palate and Down syndrome. The existence of patulous tube, causing the contents of nasopharyngeal reflux is a factor OMSK high incidence in the United States.

There are some plants that can be used to treat chronic suppurative otitis media, among others:

5-10 grams of flowers or leaves of Clerodendrum thomsonae Balff, boiled in 3 cups of water until the remaining 2 cups, drink morning and evening. To drink 1 cup
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