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Plants to treat Melena and Hematochezia

Hematochezia is a symptom of a disease characterized by bright red bleeding from the anus, to form clots or have mixed with feces. Most of dysentery from wounds in the colon, rectum, or anus. The color of blood in the stool depends on the location of bleeding. Generally, the closer to the source of bleeding anus, the brighter the blood coming out. Therefore, bleeding in the anus, rectum and sigmoid colon tend to be bright red bleeding in the colon compared to the transverse and right colon (further away from the anus) of a dark red or dark red.

In some patients, blood coming out black, sticky, and foul smelling. Black stool sticky and smelling is called melena. Melena occurs when the blood is in the colon in the long term so that the bacteria will decipher it into chemical compounds (hematin) that are black. Therefore, melena usually signifies bleeding from the upper gastrointestinal tract (eg, bleeding from the stomach or duodenal ulcer).

Sometimes, bleeding from the digestive tract is very little to progress gradually so as not to cause melena. This situation is called bleeding vague (can not be seen with the naked eye). Blood can only be determined by examining stool in the laboratory. The cause of bleeding is usually similar to faint rectal bleeding or melena, the difference is only on the intensity and duration that goes slowly. All the above types of bleeding can cause anemia due to blood loss with iron (iron deficiency anemia).

There are some herbs that can be used to treat Melena and Hematochezia, among others:

30-50 grams of leaves of Oyster Plant - Rhoeo discolor (L.Her.) Hance boiled in 3 cups of water until the remaining 2 cups, drink every morning and evening, to drink 1 cup.
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