Rice - Oryza, sativa L

Rice - Oryza, sativa L plant is included in the familia: Poaccae (Gramincae)

Rice - Oryza, sativa L has many species are grown in the fields and in the fields, to a height of 1,200 m above sea level. Plant shrubs annuals, trunked wet, height 50 cm - 1.5 m. Stem erect, soft, jointed, hollow, rough, green color. Single leaf shaped ribbon length 15-30 cm, width up to 2 ern, rough, pointed tip, flat edge, green. Panicle-shaped compound interest. The fruit stone fruit, green, after the old yellow. Seeds hard, oval, white or red. A grain of rice that has been separated from the stalk is called grain, and the outer skin is removed is called rice. Generally, white rice, despite the red rice.

Composition of rice - Oryza, sativa L:

The chemistry and pharmacological effects: The roots are warm and sweet. Seed membrane (epidermis) is sweet, neutral, and spleen and stomach meridians entered. Chemical constituents: Seeds contain carbohydrates, dextrin, arabanoxylan, xylan, phytin, glutelin, enzymes (phytase, lypase, diastase), and vitamin B,

Curable Disease with rice - Oryza, sativa L:

increase appetite, indigestion, fever, diarrhea, mumps, rheumatism, breast inflammation, inflammation of the skin, excessive sweating, for shampoo
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