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Risk of Disease Based on Blood Type

A study presented at the conference of the American Heart Association classes relate to the risk of stroke. People with blood type O , the most common blood type, are less likely to have suffered a stroke compared to people with blood type AB, and a woman with blood type B.

In the study, researchers analyzed data from 90,000 men and women. They participated in two observational health studies spanning more than 20 years. The researchers found that, from 2901 strokes occurred among study participants, those with blood type AB 26% higher risk of suffering a stroke compared with blood type O. Women with blood type B 15% higher risk of suffering a stroke compared to people with blood type O.

There are four types of blood type: O, A, B, and AB. According to some research, blood can make us at risk for certain diseases.

According to Dr. Jones Carrie , there is a correlation between blood type and disease, among others:

  • Blood type A, B, and AB at higher risk pancreatic cancer compared to blood type O. In particular, blood type B the highest risk (72%), followed by blood type AB (50%), and blood type A (32%)
  • Women are at risk of blood type O is higher egg cell deficiency (low ovarian reserve) compared with blood type A.
  • Blood type AB have better outcomes after coronary artery bypass surgery.
  • Blood type O lower risk of blood clotting problems (venous tromboembolism) compared with blood type AB are at higher risk.
  • Blood type O had higher ulcer risk.
  • Blood type A higher risk of gastric cancer.
  • Blood type A higher risk of suffering from gingivitis
  • Blood type O at higher risk of periodontitis.
From the above description, does not mean your blood, ensuring the prevention of specific diseases or risk. Other factors, such as lifestyle (diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, etc.), environmental and genetic factors in determining.
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