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The natural way for facial skin more youthful

To get younger skin, not only to perform surgery or other medical treatment. According to dermatologist Leslie Baumann, approximately 80% of skin aging is caused by environmental factors, which can actually be controlled.

Here are some easy things that can be done so that more youthful skin:

  • Use sunscreen every day
Ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage collagen and elastin, the substance that controls the elasticity of the skin. By using sunscreen may reduce the adverse effects of ultraviolet light.

  • Use sunglasses
Using sunglasses when exposed to direct sunlight, can reduce wrinkles around the eyes.

  • Avoid cigarette smoke
According to dermatologists, cigarette smoke is similar to sunlight. Can damage collagen and inhibit wound healing in the skin. And inhibit regeneration of the skin.

  • Note the repetitive movement
Repetitive movements of the face occurs when smiling, speaking, emotional, angry, etc.. Reduce repetitive movements and excessive spontaneous (occurs when angry), can reduce the damage of collagen around the face.

  • Do not Squeeze acne
Squeeze acne can cause scars that difficult to lose.

  • Use facial masks from natural ingredients
Carrots, apples, cucumbers, etc. is one of many kinds of natural materials that can be used for face masks.

By doing things that are natural and simple, like the example above, can maintain the elasticity and freshness of the skin on the face. And the skin will be more youthful.
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