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Unexpected signs of an unhealthy heart

Signs of a heart attack not only appear a few moments before the attack, but the experts found signs of heart attack was appeared a few months or even a few years earlier.

Here are five unexpected signs of heart, which need to be examined:

  • Neck Pain
Margie Latrella, in the book Take Charge: A Woman's Guide to Healthier Heart. Said, Neurosurgery from damaged heart tissue send pain signals up and down the spinal cord, to the meeting with a nerve that extends to the neck and shoulders.
As radiating pain in one line, not concentrated in a single point. The pain does not go away with ice packs, heat, or massage.

  • Jaw and Ear Pain
Nerves from damaged heart tissue send pain signals up and down the spinal cord and related nerve radiating to the cervical vertebrae in the jaw to the ear.
Unlike the jaw pain caused Temporomandular joint disorder, tooth pain, or ear infection, the pain is not felt at one point, but radiating out in a line. The pain could be down to the shoulders and arms, especially the left. The pain does not go away with ice packs, heat, or massage.

  • Indigestion, nausea, or heartburn
Fatty blockages in the arteries can reduce or block the blood supply to the heart, causing a sense of taut, such as pressing or illness. In particular in the chest but sometimes in the abdomen instead. Depending on the affected heart. Pain signals sent lower body. Nausea and dizziness can also be a sign of a heart attack.
Like all types of angina, abdominal pain associated with a heart problem, it is likely to deteriorate as it moves, and it gets better when it breaks.

  • Dizzy or short of breath
Because of narrowed arteries, the blood supply that carries oxygen to the heart is reduced. So that the heart muscle is not working optimally. Cardiac muscle pain also makes it difficult to breathe.
If wheezing is due to lung disease, usually occurs gradually as lung tissue is damaged. If the cause of cardiovascular disease, wheezing occurs suddenly when the exertion and disappear after the break.

  • Disorders or Sexual Problems
Just like the arteries of the heart, the arteries in the penis can also be narrowed and hardened. Because the arteries in the penis are smaller, tend to decay more quickly, about 3 or 4 years before heart disease is detected.
If you have problems maintaining an erection, this is enough reason to see a doctor, to cardiovascular disease as a cause. At present, patients who present with erectile dysfunction, is considered a cardiovascular patient until proven otherwise.

If you find a minimum of the following two signs, is expected to see a doctor immediately. To get a more detailed examination. In order for cardiovascular disorders can be detected early. To reduce the risk of a more fatal.
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