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Plants to strengthen and maintain healthy teeth and gums

Teeth are hard parts contained in the mouths of many classes of vertebrates. They have a varied structure that allows them to perform many tasks. The primary function of teeth is to tear and chew food and in some animals, particularly carnivores, as a weapon. The root of the tooth is covered by gums. Teeth have a protective structure called the tooth enamel, which helps prevent the hole in the tooth. In the dental pulp and dentin deposited shrunk in place.

Teeth is the most distinguishing different types of mammals, and one that could be fossilized well. Tooth shape associated with animal foods. For example, herbivores have many molars for chewing because the grass is hard to digest. Carnivores need canines to kill and tear, and because the meat is easy to digest, so they can swallow food without requiring molars to chew the food first.

The gums are part of the mouth that serves as a support or foundation teeth. Healthy gums usually wrap tightly around the teeth, but gums are not healthy on the teeth due to the presence of inflammation. This is destroying the foundations of the teeth. Teeth that have root unhealthy due to gum disease. Gum treatment can control the disease process.

To maintain healthy teeth and gums should visit a doctor at least every 6 months for plaque removal, teeth with a soft tie with a soft bristle brush after every meal and avoid drug use mouthwashes that contain alcohol as it may worsen the problem.

In addition there are some herbs that can be used to strengthen and maintain healthy teeth and gums, among others:

Seeds of Areca palm - Areca catechu L, thinly sliced. Chew every day for a few minutes, and then the waste is disposed.
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