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Plants to treat lymphadenitis (inflammation of lymph nodes)

Lymph nodes is an oval-shaped tissue in the body that acts as a producer and filters fluid lymphocytes. Lymph nodes are part of the body's defense system. Our body has approximately 600 lymph nodes, but only in the submandibular (lower jaw), armpit or groin that felt normal in healthy people.

Actually lymph node is a collection of small cells that are wrapped by the capsule casing so as to form a small circle. The biggest part of the lymph nodes called the spleen.

Under normal circumstances, the lymph nodes are not palpable. But on the thin or the children can sometimes be palpated. If we are palpable lymph nodes larger than normal (normal is less than 1 cm in diameter), we need to suspect the existence of a disorder / disease.

Here are some possible diseases with enlarged neck lymph nodes:

  • Lymphadenitis.
Lymphadenitis is an inflammation of one or more of the lymph nodes. Usually caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi. symptoms are painful lymph nodes, touch hot, soft consistency and redness.

  • Acute and chronic infections of the head and neck region
Acute infections in the head and neck region can cause enlarged lymph nodes neck. Swollen lymph nodes usually occur suddenly due to a fever. Lymph nodes painful, touching hot, soft consistency and redness. To find the source of infection was focused around the neck and head, such as infections of the throat, respiratory tract, teeth and ears. Can be caused by viruses or bacteria. By treating the source of the infection, the lymph nodes in itself also will shrink.

Lymph nodes chronic infection most commonly caused by micobacterium tuberculosa. Known as glandular tuberculosis. Swollen lymph nodes chronicle runs slow, can in months-years. Consistency Lymph nodes are usually flexible and can be moved from the surrounding tissue. Gland tuberculosis often associated with pulmonary tuberculosis. But there are also patients lungs clean, but suffers from glandular tuberculosis.

  • Primary cancer lymph nodes
In lymphoma usually painless swelling of the glands. The lymph nodes palpable hard and difficult to be driven from the surrounding tissue. Since there is no pain and rapid growth as well, often go unnoticed or are not taken seriously. Many new cases of lymphoma are recognized and addressed if an advanced stage. In the more advanced stages of the gland or glands are swollen more and more. Even found swollen lymph nodes in other places such as the armpit or groin.

Of the possibilities shows that the disease could be due to swollen glands mild disease (easily treated) until the disease is very severe (advanced cancer).

There are some plants that can be used to treat lymphadenitis (inflammation of lymph nodes), among others:

20-30 grams of plant Stinking passion flower - Passiflora foetida L, plus 15 grams of dried roots of Acanthus ilicifolius L, plus 15 grams of dried root dry from Paederia scandens (Lour.) Merr. All the ingredients chopped and boiled in three cups of water until the remaining one cup. Once cool, strain and drink twice a day, each half a glass.
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