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Plants for treating low back pain

Low back pain is perceived as an inconvenience associated with lumbar or sacral area of ​​the spine or surrounding tissues, usually caused by the late decision of the vertebral muscles, herniation and regeneration of the nucleus pulposus, osteoarthritis of the lumbar sacral spine.

Low back pain can happen to anyone who has a musculoskeletal problems such as acute lumbosacral strain, inability lumbosacral ligaments, muscle weakness, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis and problems in inter-vertebral joints and feet are not the same length.

Causes of low back pain.

Most lower back pain due to musculoskeletal problems (eg acute lumbosacral strain, lumbosacral ligament instability and weakness of the muscles, spinal osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, intervertebral disc problems, leg length inequality). Other causes include obesity, kidney disorders, pelvic problems, retroperitoneal tumors, abdominal aneurysm and psychosomatic problems. Most back pain due to musculoskeletal disorders will be aggravated by activity, whereas pain due to other circumstances is not affected by the activity.

People who suffer from low back pain usually complain of acute back pain and chronic back pain and weakness, its nature and its spread along nerve fibers (sciatica). Physical examination can find a muscle spasm paravertebralis (increase postural muscle tone back the excessive bone) with loss of normal lumbar curvature lordotik and there may be spinal deformity.

Sometimes the organic basis of back pain can not be found. Anxiety and stress can generate muscle spasm and pain. Lower back pain can be a manifestation of depression or mental conflict or reaction to environmental stressors and life.

There are some herbs that can be used to reduce low back pain, among others:

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