Serpent wood - Rauvolfia serpentine

Serpent wood - Rauvolfia serpentine is a plant that has synonyms: Ophioxylon obversum, Mq. = 0. serpentinwn, Linn. = O. trifoliatum, Gaertn. = Hunteria sundana, Mq. And included in the familia: Apoeynaceae

Snakeroot - Rauvolfia serpentine also referred to as serpentine. These plants are common in home gardens as an ornamental plant, but more commonly grows wild in fields, forests, or other places to a height of 1,000 m above sea level. To 1 m tall, gummy. Stems brown, clear discharge when broken. Leaves single, short-stemmed. Compound interest, umbrella shape coming out of the end of the stem, crown flowers red color. Fruit ovoid, green when young old black, single seed. Long and large roots. Dried roots called Rauwolfia Serpentina.

The composition of the Serpent wood - Rauvolfia serpentine:

The chemistry and pharmacological effects: The roots are bitter, cold, and slightly toxic. Stems and leaves are bitter, sweet, and cool.
Chemical constituents: The root contains 3 groups of alkaloids. The type and amount depends on the growth of the area of ​​origin.
  • Group I includes strong alkaline (quarterary ammonium compound): serpentine, serpentinine, sarpagine, and samatine. Poor absorption when used by mouth (drinking).
  • Group II (tertiary amine derivate): yohimbine, ajmaline, ajmalicine, tetraphylline, and tetraphyllicine.
  • Group III includes weakly alkaline (secondary amities): reserpine, rescinnamine, deserpidine, raunesine, and canescine. Potent hypotensive reserpine, ajmaline, serpentine, and rescinnamine efficacious sedative, yohimbine stimulates the formation of testosterone that can arouse sexual desire.

Curable Disease with wood Serpent - Rauvolfia serpentine:

Hypertension, headache, vertigo, diarrhea, sore throat, back pain, abdominal pain in dysentery, vomiting, malaria, influenza, gallbladder inflammation, ulcers, acute hepatitis, insomnia, mental disorder (mania), less appetite, hyperthyroidism, scabies , urticaria, bites snakes / scorpions, hernia.

Side effects:

Rarely, serious side effects. The central emphasis of the nerves, causing symptoms of headaches, nightmares, fatigue, and sleeping rough. On the heart and blood vessels causing heart rate slows symptoms, nasal congestion, and sometimes heart failure (rare). In the digestive system causing dry mouth, stomach and intestinal contractions increased, frequent bowel movements, or diarrhea.


  • Serpent wood - Rauvolfia serpentine increases the release of stomach acid that can cause stomach bleeding.
  • Patients with stomach disease and weak body condition are prohibited from consuming wood Serpent - Rauvolfia serpentine.
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