Urena lobata Linn

Urena lobata Linn is a plant that has synonyms: Urena monopetala, Lour. = Urena scabriuscula, DC. = Urena sinuata, Linn. = Urena tomentosa, Blume. And included in the familia: Malvaceae

Urena lobata Linn used to grow wild in the yard, farm, vacant land and places a lot of sunlight to as high as 1800 + m above sea level. This plant has branched stems and stalks are tough so hard to be broken and the whole plant covered with fine hairs, may reach a height of 1 m. Single leaf, curved, growing alternate, length 3-8 cm, width 1-6 cm, scalloped edges, the color of the upper leaf green, light green bottom, rounded leaves the base, pointed tip. Purple colored flowers. The fruit is round, ± 5 mm, such as hair brushes.

The composition of Urena lobata Linn:

The chemistry and pharmacological effects: taste sweet, fresh, cool. antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic. Chemical constituents: Stem and leaf contains mucilage, seeds contain 13 -14% fat.

Curable Disease with Urena lobata Linn:

Influenza, tonsillitis, malaria, Rheumatic; flour albus, edema due to nephritis, vomiting of blood, broken bones, swollen breasts, snake bites.
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