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Waterleaf - Talinum trianguiare (Jacq.) Willd

Waterleaf - Talinum trianguiare (Jacq.) Willd is a plant that has a synonym: T. racemosum, Rohrbach. And included in the Family: Portuiacaceae

Waterleaf - Talinum trianguiare (Jacq.) Willd also referred to as cariru, Surinam purslane, Philippine spinach, Ceylon spinach, Florida spinach, potherb fameflower, Lagos bologi, and sweetheart. These plants are commonly found as a weed in the tropics, or cultivated as vegetables or herbs. Native to tropical America can be found from the lowlands to 1,000 m asl. Growing upright or lying down, 35-60 cm tall with roots that swell up like a carrot. Soft trunk, much branched, the base of the reddish-brown color, while the young stems are green. Short-stemmed leaves, scattered layout, 3-13 cm long, 1.5 to 5 cm wide, oval shaped, blunt tip, base tapering, flat edge, it's green. The flowers are compound interest, out of the end of the shaft. Flowers bloom at a time when during the day, with 5 petals are reddish purple color. Elongated round fruit, red-striped yellow-green color, containing many seeds.

Composition of Waterleaf - Talinum trianguiare (Jacq.) Willd:

The chemistry and pharmacological effects: urinary launch, eliminate swelling.

Curable Disease with Talinum trianguiare (Jacq.) Willd:

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