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Conquering the Psychological Aspects of Quitting Smoking

If you are a smoker who wants to quit, you need to figure out why it is that you smoke. The reason that you started might not be important now, but the reason that you continue to smoke, other than addition, is. What types of events in your life cause you to pull out a cigarette and light up? Do you smoke when you are bored or when you are trying to concentrate on something? Do you smoke when you feel stress? Knowing what things cause you to smoke is going to be the first step in truly conquering your habit.

Understand Why You Smoke

For a week, make a note of every cigarette that you have, and make a note of why you believe you smoked the cigarette. If you are unsure, write down some of the things that led to the cigarette. Was it time for a break at work? Did you just finish a large meal? We you sitting on the porch and having a beer with a few friends? Was the craving too great, and if it was, why?

Once you write down all of these things, you are going to be able to see a pattern as to why you smoke. Being able to see the pattern should help you start to understand some of the things that are precipitators to your smoking. Once you find those, you can start to develop different ways to deal with them when they occur.

For example, if you always smoke on your break at work, consider exchanging that with another activity, such as going for a walk. Those who smoke after a meal could also go for a walk, or do dishes right away. Anything that helps you to get your mind off the cigarette and onto something else is going to be helpful.

Quitting is Possible

Once you start to exchange your cigarettes for other activities or chores, it does become easier to say no when the craving strikes. When you are able to understand the psychological underpinnings that cause you to want to smoke, it is going to be easier to challenge them when they occur as well.

You may find that utilizing eCigs, or electronic cigarettes, can help when you are trying to quit. Different people will have different methods that help them to quit. Others have done it before you, and you can do it as well.
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