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Safety Concern at Nursery Home

John (7) (name imaginary) has been suffering from heavy bowel disorder can eat without chilling pain in his stomach. Nothing can be found in his guts when diagnosed; doctors are saying he may be suffering from leaky gut syndrome. And this was happened in his childcare home. This is nothing new, mainly in Canada, as suggested by a research team.

Fifty percent of the children going to childcare home are likely to be victim of obesity. It is also reported by Daily Mail recently. But, simultaneously the children, who grow up under its parents' caress are not so prone to be overweight, as suggested by research. But, is that research have any reliability? Now I write about the details of that research.

The Study:

A Canadian study has found that mind-boggling story and they have sufficient as well as reliable data to form the conclusion. Although there are so many limitations in that study and it is also result may not be true for other countries except Canada.

The research was carried out by some institutes of England, Ireland, France, Canada and they are funded by governments of many countries such as France, Canada etc. The study was first published in Journal of Pediatrics.

The Main study suggest that the sixty-five percent of the children between 4 to 10 years, who are growing up under the care of nursery, are more likely to be attacked by obesity and many other ailments related to bowel. But it is true that all nurseries are not so bad. So, it is up to you to decide where your children will be safe.

About the Research:

The study conducted involving 1649 children aged between 4 and 10 years. Their mothers are given some questionnaire and asked some of related questions of that research.

Next, the research differentiated children based on the child care, nanny and based care, relative based care etc. And noticed the different results came out from different types of cares. They conducted by assiduous efforts.

Hence, the study found the result as wrote earlier in this article. But again, it is not true all care-house or nurseries. However, it is true that some children face health problems during nursery life and it is also observed that some of them follow thorough treatment like Candida cleanse or other treatments to come out of diseases.

So, what's about you? Are you safe sending your children at nursery.
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