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Cure headaches without medication

Headache pain is a condition that is located around the head, sometimes pain in the neck or upper neck also called headache.

Main causes include muscle tension, migraine, eye fatigue, dehydration, low blood sugar, and sinusitis hipermastikasi. There is also cause headaches caused less diseased state of the body such as meningitis, encephalitis, cerebral aneurysms, high blood pressure and brain tumors.

In addition to eliminating the cause, headaches can also be cured without drugs, by doing these things, among others:

  • Think of a good meal
Minor pain during menstruation, migraine, and the like can be overcome simply by thinking of a good meal. When pain attacks come, just think of chocolate, brownies or fresh fruit juice. Studies at the University of Wisconsin showed that this method can improve the body's tolerance to pain.

  • Pray
Praying is a powerful way to overcome the pain. Suggested, spoken prayer contains positive words, not complaint much less noise than nothing.

  • Divert attention
The pain is basically a natural mechanism for survival, namely by providing a signal that something is not normal in the body. But when the pain increases, then the emotional issues were more dominant than the actual mechanism. Think of something that would distract from the pain. Watching TV and reading books also include how to divert attention.

  • Positive Thinking
Research shows that patients often experience pain tend to have more negative thinking. According to the researchers, negative thoughts can sometimes aggravate the pain and the opposite positive thoughts can fight it. Unexplained pain can disappear with cognitive behavioral therapy, which focuses on changing the mindset.

  • Brainstorming
Pour out your thoughts and feelings in the hearts of any kind, especially the writings proven to relieve pain in a variety of populations ever studied. This method increases the body's immune system to fight the pain. James W. Pennebaker, PhD, a pain researcher advised to write at least 15 minutes before bedtime for 3-4 consecutive days to relieve severe pain.
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