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Positive or Negative Effects on Sleep Position

Sleep is the best thing to rest. With sleep, most organs of the body will rest, and will function optimally again when awake. Sleeping position has a positive effect and negartif, the health of the body.

Here is the effect of sleep position on health:

  • Supine with arms at side (Soldier Position)
Sleep on their backs with arms at the side is generally regarded as the best sleeping position for healthy spine and neck, as long as you do not use too many pillows. But those who sleep on their backs tend to snore than those who sleep with other positions, and sleep apnea is strongly associated with this sleeping position.

  • On his back with his hands up (Starfish Position)
This position is also good for your back. With both hands placed around the pillow or not, sleep on your back it can help prevent wrinkles and acne prone skin.

However, as the supine position with hands on the side, can also lead to snoring and problems with acid reflux. Plus, put her arms up to make pressure on the nerves in the shoulder causing pain.

  • Stomach (Freefaller Position)
Sleep with the abdomen under can improve the digestive system, but also makes it difficult to breathe because his face covered cushions. Finally likely people will tilt his head to one side. This can put a lot of strain on the neck. Sleep on my stomach can also cause back pain, since the curve of the spine is not well supported.

  • Fetal Position (Foestus Position)
Sleep in style curling up with your knees drawn upward and downward sloping chin may make you uncomfortable, but this position can make the pain in your back and neck. Extreme fetal sleeping position can even restrict breathing. This position is usually recommended for people who have problems with snoring.

  • Oblique position with your arms straight down (Log Position)
When you sleep on your side with both arms down, spine best support the natural curve. It can definitely help reduce neck and back pain, also reduces sleep apnea. On the negative side, Sloping bed may contribute to skin aging due to gravity, which makes facial wrinkles and sagging breasts.

  • Oblique position with your arms straight forward (Yearner Position)
This position has the same benefits to the bed tilted arms straight down. However, side sleeping can cause shoulder and arm pain caused by restricted blood flow and pressure on the nerves, which can become worse when you put your hand straight forward.

  • Side to the right and left
If you are person who likes to sleep on his side, may also affect the direction of the slope. Sleep on your right side can cause a burning sensation in the chest while sleeping, while sleeping on your left side can put a strain on the internal organs such as the liver, lung, and stomach (while minimizing acid reflux). For pregnant women, doctors usually recommend sleeping on your left side, because this position can improve circulation in the fetus.

  • Sleeping with a pillow
You can get a better night's rest and less pain in the morning with a complete body with pillows. People who sleep on their backs can put a small pillow under the arches of the spine. People who like to sleep on his side can put a pillow between your knees, and that sleep on my stomach can put a pillow under your hips to support joint and pain-free relaxation.
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