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Expand Eat Chocolate to Improve Memory

Many foods can be used to improve your memory, one of which is chocolate. It has not been proven in humans, but at least some research on snails have demonstrated the benefits of chocolate in improving brain function. It is conceivable that the slugs are used to slow it could be much faster, especially when applied to humans.

In the snail, or abbreviated epi compound epicatechin contained in dark chocolate can affect the nervous system. Flavanoid compounds so this makes the brain work more leverage making it easier to disuruyh remembering new things.

In this study, the snail species Lymnaea stagnalis included in the conditioned water oxygen deficiency. Normally snails breathe with the skin, but in a state of lack of oxygen or a breathing tube will utilize pneumostomes.

But by the researchers, these snails are not trained to quickly open the breathing tubes. You do this by tapping the shell when the organ was being held by the snail who instinctively tried to take in more oxygen.

There are differences in training response when the researchers gave the epi compound on a group of snails. Than those who were not given the epi compound, the first group of snails go faster given the single activity that is taught not to open the breathing tubes.

"We want to see that epi has the nerve to directly influence memory, and cognitive effects of half a piece of dark chocolate can also improve your memory. Good news for chocolate lovers around the world," said Dr. Ken Lukowiak from the University of Calgary.
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