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If You don't Know How to Drink Water Right, are Harmful to Health

Much drinking is good for health. Much-needed drink enough so as not to become dehydrated. But drinking too much can actually be harmful to the body. Therefore, avoid drinking too much at one time.

Generally, excess fluid intake runners experienced by athletes who consume too much water after following the marathon race. In a survey published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that more than half the runners to consume too much water.

"Recent studies have found the right guide is using signals arising from thirst," said James Winger, MD, a sports medicine physician from Loyola University Health System in Maywood, Illinois.

Over the last decade the advice given to runners is to consume water every 1 mile or every 1 hour, whereas the level of sweat every person is different. Therefore the American College of Sports Medicine recommends a more individualized advice, namely by estimating fluid loss through weight,

While Dr. Winger using techniques osmolality, if this value is increased 1-2 percent of the hypothalamus part of the brain will send signals to the brain to tell someone to drink through thirst. If someone continues to ignore thirst with drinking too much water can actually be harmful to the body. He risk of decreased sodium concentration in the blood or hyponatremia.

This condition can lead to swelling of the brain that causes confusion and convulsions can even cause death. This is because too much water enters the body will cause problems in the brain cells. "No one has ever experienced runners dying from dehydration during athletic competition, but about 0.3 percent of registered runners experience hyponatremia," said Dr. Winger.

In addition to the properties of water is easily absorbed, resulting in large quantities will increase blood volume. The impact will weigh on the heart that pumps the blood and the kidneys will filter it. Should give time for the body to rest by not drinking directly in large quantities, drink 1-2 glasses too must give intervals and if they arise new thirst to drink again.
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