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Natural Remedy to Cure the Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the most effective treatment for the cure for cancer. But chemotherapy has many side effects, one of which is a reduced appetite. Decreased appetite tends to make patients more lean during treatment. The worst impact is lacking nutrients, which resulted in the patient's quality of life will deteriorate and easy contact with other diseases.

Cancer patients often become emaciated due to the side effects of chemotherapy which triggers shrinkage of muscle mass. Conditions that trigger weary and lacking passion can be prevented by fish oil, cheap supplement that can be bought anywhere.

Researchers from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada prove that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can prevent the shrinkage of muscle mass in cancer patients. This supplement is not fattening, but most could not keep from being thin.

In that study, researchers recruited 40 patients with lung cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy. A total of 16 patients were given 2.2 grams of fish oil / day for 10 weeks, while the rest were given a placebo as a control to compare the differences in the effect.

At the end of the observation, the patients of the control group decreased an average weight of 2.3 kg so that it becomes thinner. In contrast, 96 patients taking fish oil every day is more stable weight and no shrinkage of muscle mass.

"This finding is important because until now there is no effective treatment to overcome malnutrition ayng or kurng nutrition associated with chemotherapy," said the researcher, Vera Mazurak, PhD in a publication as quoted by WebMD.

The result is expected to open the hope to improve the quality of life of chemotherapy patients. Degnan keep the weight does not continue to decrease, it is expected that improved nutritional status of a given treatment is also becoming more effective.
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