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Types of Foods that can Cause Body Odor

Body odor is associated with a person's self-confidence. Someone will feel inferior if you have excessive sweat and bad smell.

By nature, the human body issuing body odor. Especially if the body is sweating. Body odor is caused by various factors, one of which is caused by an error konsumisi food. As reported by the Times of India, some foods can bring excessive perspiration and bad smell.

Here are foods that gave rise to excessive perspiration and bad smell.

  • Spicy foods
Too often eat spicy foods trigger excessive sulfur intake in the body to be excreted through the pores of the skin and breath. Not only chili, spicy flavor that comes from the onions are also able to cause body odor problem.

  • Red meat
Eating red meat means require the digestive system longer to digest. At that moment perspiration and sweat will be produced more.

  • Fast food
The high fat content in fast food is a trigger excessive sweating problems and body odor. Not only that, oil, sugar, flour, and salt is consumed in excessive amounts can cause body odor problem.

  • Dairy products
Foods made from milk such as cheese, butter, and chocolate consumption should be limited. High-protein products that make the stomach takes a long time to digest.
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