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Vitamin C, Totentially Killing the Bacterium Tuberculosis, Drug-resistant

Because the wrong drugs, many bacteria mutate, so resistant to the drug. One of them was tuberculosis bacteria. Increasing number of bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB) drug resistant seen as a serious problem by experts. Much research is conducted to treat tuberculosis resistant bacteria, including research on herbal medicine to treat tuberculosis.

One is, a research conducted by a team of Yeshiva University showed surprising results. Because vitamin C was able to kill some drug-resistant bacteria. The research results are expected to be a bright spot in the progress of the treatment of drug-resistant TB disease that currently affects approximately 650,000 people worldwide.

Lab studies show, vitamin C acts as a "reducing agent" is something that triggers the production of reactive oxygen species called free radicals. TB kills free radicals, even drug-resistant types that are not susceptible to common antibiotics.

Lead researcher Dr. William Jacobs, professor of microbiology and immunology, said that this new research-tested on a laboratory scale. "We do not know whether it will be effective in experimental animals and humans," he said. But he said it was hoped vitamin C could be a new hope in the treatment of TB. "Vitamin C is cheap, available anywhere and is very safe to use. Important thing so far is quite effective to attack the TB germs," he said.

There is the possibility of vitamin C can be used in addition to TB drugs. Alternatively, the scientists will create a new TB drugs that work by generating free radicals in large numbers. Vitamin C or askorbit acids have many roles in the body, including protecting the cells and keep them healthy. Natural sources of this vitamin include fruits, broccoli, and so on.
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