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An Effective Way to Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the bad things that can lead to addiction. Many people claim very difficult and ultimately failed to quit smoking even intend. Since it is very difficult to let go of this one habit, many smokers end up back in the habit of smoking cigarettes.

As many as 70 percent of adult smokers want to quit smoking but it is difficult to break away. If you are planning to quit smoking, initially faced a lot of difficulties such as headaches and mengebu passionate desire to smoke again. In two or three days or a few weeks, the state of the body improve with the release of toxins in the body.

Some things you can do to stop smoking consistently:

  • Use Drugs
Replace nicotine with smoking cessation medications .. Nicotine addiction on the body, the body will react if you were smoking cigarettes and no effect when the body does smoking addiction. Some types of nicotine replacement medications that can be used is

- Drugs that can help are bupropion (Zyban) and varenicline (Chantix)
- Nicotine replacement materials to help overcome the desire to smoke like juice and water.

  • Search Support
Support from family and friends help you through the stress of the decision to quit smoking. They will provide support and help distract you when you want to smoke, and they can understand when you are a little upset.

  • Create an Action Plan
If you start to quit smoking today, but have not planned ahead, now is the perfect time to plan your quit strategy. Think of the obstacles and challenges that you will face during your quit smoking and how to reach certain stages. Add a personal action plan and paste it in a place that is easy to read.

  • Know Reasons To Stop
Make sure you know the exact reason why quitting smoking. The most common reason is to live longer and healthier to be able to care for and maintain your family.

  • Change Routines
Changing daily routines to help keep you from craving cigarettes again .. Do exercise regularly and avoid places that cause your desire to smoke.

  • Publish your decision to quit smoking
Let friends and family know of your decision to quit smoking. Get support to people close to you to always remind you of your goals to quit smoking and the health benefits every time you feel the urge to smoke. Also, very importantly, ask friends and family not to smoke in front of you and do not leave cigarettes around you.

  • Set a target date
Set a target date for 2-3 weeks begins when you decide to quit smoking. Make sure that this period does not coincide with conditions that might stress you will experience that your efforts to quit smoking much easier to live. Try to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you suction in the coming weeks until you stop completely at a target that you have set.

  • Start with the easy way
Record under what conditions you are more frequent smoking (boredom, anxiety, friendship, loneliness, watching television, playing cards, coffee, etc.). Rate of 0 to 5 with 0 criteria is "like a train" and 5 is "only if necessary". Find a time when you smoke "like a train", and make an effort to begin to quit smoking gradually. This way you will make a good start and also boost your confidence to proceed in stages to stop smoking completely.

  • Avoid habits that make you smoke
Avoid the main reason that causes your desire to smoke such as coffee, alcohol, night show, debating etc.. If you can not resist the temptation, try to consume dairy products, fruits and vegetables more, as has been indicated in the survey that these foods will give less good taste in smoking.
Also avoid habits that you always combined with smoking such as watching television, reading magazines or surfing the internet.

  • Look busy
Especially in the early days you try, look busy with things that you like and try not to leave a lot of time to myself so thought the desire to smoke. Also, try to divert the desire of the intense activities, such as doing some sports activities, walking or cycling.

  • Sleep more
Try to sleep more than you normally do. Body and soul to be more tired because of attempts to quit smoking and thus require more rest. In addition, hours of sleep is a time when you did not think to smoke.

  • Drinking more water
Try to drink more water. Water helps in removing toxins from the smoke that has accumulated in your body more quickly, while reducing your desire to smoke.

  • Visit the smokeless cigarette
Try to spend hours a day in a place where smoking is not allowed, such as a library or bookstore. If you take a break to sit having coffee with friends, choose a non-smoking area.

  • Make your hands busy
Make your hands busy. It has been proven that one of the reasons people continue to smoke is because of their smoking habit connected with what they do with their hands. Make it your hands holding anything, except cigarettes, such as holding a pen, piece of paper, or anything that can fool yourself, that is used to create mechanical motion permitted (a same motion over and over again when smoked).

  • Avoid the temptation to smoke after eating
Most smokers tend to smoke immediately after eating. Stood up from the table immediately after eating to brush your teeth or take a walk. Try not to get into the temptation to smoke.

  • Try acupuncture
Acupuncture is a natural method of treatment of nicotine dependence, painless and safe. With one to five visits will reduce the intensity of symptoms such as psychological distress, anxiety, tension, depression, and a feeling of emptiness caused by long-term use of drugs like nicotine. The survey also showed that acupuncture increases vitality and fertility and helps the brain to think clearly.

  • Give yourself credit for the efforts of your hard
Reward yourself for each day without a cigarette. A good idea in this direction is to use the savings for not smoking to buy something or go for a walk.

  • Pay attention to your diet
Consider consulting a nutritionist and followed the nutrition program for the first few months, considering the majority of smokers get their bodies up a few pounds because they tend to be eating / snacking as much as the action is not a substitute for smoking.

  • Think positive
Do you think smoking cessation as a sacrifice. Just think that you will get more benefit by not smoking.
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July 29, 2013 at 8:51 PM

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