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Diseases That Can be Cured by Having Sex

Useful addition to the psychological, sex also has many health benefits for the body. There have been many studies proving that sexual intercourse at an official partner provides many health benefits. In addition to giving pleasure, sex can also be a fun way to cure the disease.

Not simply a matter of romance, intimate relationships with their spouses can be a healthful physical activity, for both men and women. Sex can help cure some health problems, such as incontinence, flu, headaches, and even irregular menstrual cycles.

Here are some diseases that can be cured by having sex diligent (as reported by Livestrong):

  • Incontinence (could not resist the urge to urinate)
Regular sexual intercourse helps to strengthen the pelvic floor, which controls the release of urine. For women who experience incontinence, regular sex can flex muscles sensitive to avoid pee in my pants. Strong pelvic muscles tantamount urinary system work better.

  • Migraine
Pain and nausea due to migraine can rule out intercourse, but science suggests sex can reduce the pain. According to a 2001 study published in Headache, women who have sex regularly, migraine complaints can be reduced by 30 percent. If medications fail to provide relief, sex itself may heal.

  • Dry skin and dull
Forget bleach or other moisturizing creams, and even sex can cure skin dull. Regular sex causes more blood through the body. As a result, the skin fresh, toned and radiant.

  • Influenza
Want to cure the flu? Sex can be the coolest way. Sex work diligently with immunoglobulin A increases during sexual intercourse, which is an important antibodies that help fight viruses that cause the flu.

  • Launched the menstrual cycle
Women who have sex at least once a week, can reap the benefits with irregular menstrual cycles. It is unclear why this occurs, but studies show that women have fewer sex regular menstrual irregularity.
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