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Things that can Damage and Degrade the Function of the Eye

Eye function to see, including the category of vital human organs. In order to maintain health, it is recommended to consume nutritious foods. Can be obtained from vegetable and animal sources. However, to prevent eye damage, maintain the health of the just is not enough. Necessary to maintain their health from outside the body. For those of you who work behind the counter, or exposure to radiation from a computer can make eyes feel blurry, headache, and others.

The condition occurs because the experienced eye strain or pressure. Not only the light exposure alone computer. Watch television, play games, even read for too long can also cause the muscles around the damaged eye. Not only that, without realizing there are a few other things that it can trigger eye damage

Some things that can Damage and Degrade the Function of the Eye (quoted from Boldsky):

  • Smoke
Not only bad for health. Smoking can also damage the eyes. This is due to the abundance of chemical constituents in cigarettes. As a result the eye can damage the sensitive part, the macula or retina. This section had a reduction, until finally will experience blurred vision at.

  • UV rays
Not without reason is used when you how many glasses on the beach. Its function is not as accessories supporting performances, also used to prevent exposure to ultraviolet light to the eyes. This is because, from the sun's UV rays can burn the cornea and lens of the eye and increase the damage the retina. Worse, it can increase the risk of cataracts.

  • Alcohol
Excessive alcohol consumption is not only bad for the body, it is also harmful to the eyes. This in turn can impair vision, such as blurred vision, frequent migraines, red eyes, and a decrease in contrast sensitivity.

  • Diet
Losing weight, one should not as long as it is accompanied by proper nutrition. However, the plural occurs, unhealthy diets that can harm the eyes. Then you will see eye diseases, such as vitamin A deficiency which leads to night blindness, dry eyes faster, and blindness.

  • Disease
There are several diseases that affect vision, diabetes and hypertension. Both diseases are a bad influence on the eyes when not immediately addressed. In patients with high blood pressure or hypertension, for example, blood vessels in the retina can be damaged area. Eyes become unfocused. Attack is a common disease hypertensive retinopathy.

Similarly with diabetes are more likely to develop eye diseases such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. This condition can cause blurred vision and even potentially blindness.
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