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You Should Know: The Influence of Obesity on Heart Attack

Obesity is one thing to be the main cause of chronic diseases such as heart disease and stroke. But a new study finds not only the excess weight that trigger heart disease, but also how long a person obese.

The conclusion was revealed after researchers analyzed data from 3,300 participants were white and blacks between the ages of 18-30 who in 1980 had taken part in the CARDIA (Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults Study) conducted by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI).

All the participants observed the researcher for 25 years to see the changes in participants' risk of heart disease since the age of early to middle-aged adults. Participants also examined every two to five years by a doctor and asked to have a CT scan in the 15, 20, and 25 to determine whether the participants happen calcification coronary artery or not.

Based on information from the Mayo Clinic, calcium deposits in the coronary arteries can lead to narrowing of the arteries and increases a person's risk of heart attack. Because calcium is combined with fat, cholesterol and other substances found in the blood to form plaques.

Yet when plaque builds up in the arteries of someone so automatically he suffered from atherosclerosis, which can lead to serious health problems in addition to heart attacks, including stroke or even death.

Lead researcher, Dr. Jared Reis of the division of cardiovascular sciences NHLBI pointing that calcifications of coronary arteries may help predict the development of heart disease.

Researchers also found calcification coronary artery occurred in 27.5 percent of participants, or about 900 people. Of the physical examination also confirmed that the presence of the arteries as well as how long it is again turned out to be associated with the length of time the participants were overweight.

So for example, 38 percent of participants who were obese for more than 20 years are more likely to experience calcification of the arteries than those who never obese but had calcification that number is only 25 percent.

But the researchers say, calcification is more often found in people who have been obese for over 20 years than those who are not obese.

Overall, more than 25 percent of participants who were obese more than two decades of experience confirmed coronary artery calcification compared with 20.2 percent of participants who are both experienced calcification but not obese.

Even for participants who have a fat belly (abdominal obesity) for more than 20 years nearly 28 percent also reported experiencing progressive coronary artery calcification, compared to 19.5 percent of participants who had calcification but did not have a fat belly.

"What our study showed is that if we want to just measure the body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference alone then it means that we underestimate the health risks of obesity because it does not measure the duration the other," said Reis, who is also an epidemiologist, as reported by CBSNews.
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