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Benefits of Laughter for Health

Laughter is a positive response to feelings of happiness. Besides laughing also is a response to funny things. Laughter makes the problem was light, laughter also has many health benefits.

Laugh for health benefits (reported by besthealth):

  • Burn calories
Laugh out loud for 10 to 15 minutes can increase energy expenditure, increase heart rate, and can burn up to 40 calories. However this is not a weight loss method.

  • Make you feel better
Laughter increases levels of endorphins that can reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. Even just by watching a comedy show, the effect can last up to 24 hours.

  • Improve a person's psychological
Sense of humor one can make improved communication skills, creativity and overall performance in the workplace. The ability to appreciate humor or the ability to make others laugh, actually has a psychological effect on the body that cause people getting emotionally attached.

  • Increase hope and self-esteem
By simply watching a comedy show for 15 minutes can reduce concerns about the health or career. Laughter can replace negative thoughts with positive ones and help formulate a plan to resolve the problem.

This can increase feelings, life expectancy and self-esteem as it can cope with the burden of thinking easier.

  • Protects against heart disease
Research shows that a good sense of humor can prevent yourself from the risk of heart attack. Laughter can dilate blood vessels allowing blood to flow more freely.

In addition, laughing can reduce the fat and cholesterol that builds up in the coronary arteries which can protect the heart.

  • Expand your mind
Happiness and laughter as a laughing matter may reduce the narrowness of view on an issue and make you think from a broader perspective.

  • Help children endure the pain
Watch funny cartoons can help children cope with the pain of painful procedures, such as immunization shots or examinations to the dentist. Children can quickly forget the pain when looking at funny things that he liked.

  • Strengthens the immune system
Stress hormones are reduced during laughter, allowing immune cells to function better. Laughter also promote the exchange of oxygen with carbon dioxide to help clear the airways.

Laughter can also promote muscle and joints that have been strained because of the weight work.
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