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Benefits of Whisky for Health

Whisky is an alcoholic beverage made drunk. This beverage negative effects if consumed in excess. But it turns out, Whisky has tremendous benefits. But rarely mention what benefits can it get when drinking whiskey.

As is known, the whiskey is made from fermentation of wheat. Whisky is considered as the most magical creature in Scotland, and successfully absorbed by the whole world. There are many benefits of Whisky drinking but, with sufficient efficiency and not excessive. In fact, women are encouraged to take 25 to 30 millimeter, while men 35 to 40mili to be able to feel the usefulness.

Here are the benefits of whiskey (quoted from MensX ):

  • Adding in the body 's immune
According to a study from Monash University, Australia, drinking whiskey with a stable dose ( no exaggeration ) provides intake of vitamin C, which is needed for your body. In addition, the whiskey has the desired antioxidant to help fight disease and boost immunity. But, that does not mean you replace orange juice with breakfast every whiskey. Drink occasionally to get the properties.

  • Less likely to have cancer
Malignant diseases such as cancer can affect anyone. Scientific researchers have revealed that those who consumed scotch ( not sufficiently redundant ) will help reduce the risk of cancer. Types of scotch whiskey contains antioxidants and ellagic acid which kills the cancer cells, and reduces the risk of cancer.

  • Makes the heart stronger
Dr.. David J Hanson in his paper at the New York University revealed that those who consume one to two glasses of whiskey every day, 50 % believed to reduce the risk of stroke and dementia.

  • Increase energy
Whisky is not at all fat, so fat lot rendak healthy diet by consuming Whisky. In addition, whiskey contains 0.04 % grams of carbohydrates in the form of sugar that can be easily converted into energy and quickly get into your digestive.

We're certainly not trying to tell you to get drunk, but if you do, drink the recommended amount and reasonable levels. Benefits will be maximized if you do not play too much in drink this.
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