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Common Symptoms of Alzheimer's Dementia

Alzheimer's dementia is a disease process with decreased brain function (the ability of the brain is decreased) or commonly called senile disorder, which progressively took place resulting in impaired thinking, remembering, mental, emotional and behavioral. Resulting in impaired activities of daily living. Generally affected the elderly, although it could be at a younger age.

Common symptoms of Alzheimer's dementia, namely :

  • Memory disorders
Symptoms caused by often forget the incident that had just happened, forget appointments, asking and telling the same thing over and over again, and forgot where the parking lot.

  • Difficult to focus
Symptoms of Alzheimer's is difficult to focus on work that is difficult to perform daily activities, forgetting how to cook, operate the phone, unable to perform simple calculations, working with a longer time than usual.

  • Difficulty doing familiar activities
That is often difficult to plan or complete everyday tasks confused how to drive, difficult to manage finances.

  • Disorientation, time critical
Confused about where they are and how they got there, they do not know the way back home.

  • Difficulty understanding visuospasial
That is difficult to read, measure distances, distinguish colors, distinguishing spoon / fork, does not recognize his own face dicermin, hit the mirror, pours water digelas but spilled / incorrect penuangannya.

  • Communication disorders
Ie difficulty talking and looking for the right words to describe an object, often stopping in the middle of a conversation and confused to continue.

  • Place disorientation
Example: put the goods are not in place. Sometimes suspect there who steal or hide the item, also includes symptoms of Alzheimer's dementia.

  • One makes decisions
Such as difficulty speaking and looking for the right words to describe an object often stop in the middle of the road and difficult to resume.

  • Withdrawn
Does not have the spirit or initiative to perform usual activities or hobbies enjoyed, not too eager to go socialize.

  • Changes in behavior and personality
Emotions change drastically, becoming confused, suspicious, depressed, fearful or dependent family members who berlebihanpada, easily upset, angry and discouraged both at home and at work.

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