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Nice Tips: Easy Way to Stay Healthy Heart

Until recently, heart disease is the most feared disease because heart disease is one disease that can lead to someone's death. In some cases even cause sudden death disease sufferers.

Simple ways that can be done to keep the heart healthy durable (quoted from Boldsky) :

  • Swimming
Swimming is one of the best ways to protect heart health. Swimming will make your heart feel active. This is a good exercise to get the heart rate is more awake.

  • Hit Pouch Sand
Hitting the sandbag or tug to vent frustration and resentment suspected could also help get a healthy heart.

  • Drinking tea
Drinking tea may help keep the heart healthy. Flavonoids contained in tea will increase and the ability of blood vessels to relax. Two cups of tea a day good for heart.

  • Eat Chocolate
Dark chocolate contains cocoa has flavonoids that are useful to thin the blood and keep it from freezing.

  • Meditation
Meditation can calm your nervous system that will help protect your heart from a number of diseases such as heart valve disease and coronary heart disease.

  • Reading Books
When reading a book, your mind is more calm. When reading a mystery or adventure, it could be your heart will beat faster. It is suspected can protect you from heart rate deceleration.

  • Fishing
Doing something that helps calm the nervous system good for the heart. Fishing, for example, is a fun way to relax.

  • Eat Berri
Enjoy a good bowl full of berries untul protect your heart and keep it healthy. Berri consisting of vitamin C, A and D that are beneficial to the human body.

  • Laugh Loud
Laughing out loud is a good exercise for the heart. Reading books comedy, funny stories, and always smiling will make you healthier.

  • Quit Smoking
Smoking has long been known to be good for health, including not good for heart health. So by quitting smoking you have to take one step to living a healthier and longer life.

  • Control Sugar Intake
Too much sugar is not good for heart health. Eat less sugar or if you can avoid sugary foods.
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