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Food to Detoxify the Liver to Stay Healthy

Liver is one of the most important organs in the body. Liver function detoxify the body, storing vitamins, controlling cholesterol and fat metabolism and regulate hormones.

So that the liver can continue to work normally, need to be kept healthy liver. One of them is by eating foods that can boost liver function. In addition, you also need to detoxify by eating certain foods.

Foods that can be used to detoxify the liver, among others:

  • Olive oil
Content of omega-3 fatty acids that contain good cholesterol, very well help metabolism and liver function. This oil will cleanse the liver from toxins and fat deposits.

  • Apple
Red and green-skinned fruit will help the liver in top condition. How it works does not directly hit the liver organ, but cleanse toxins through the food enzyme pectin. .

  • Vegetable
Group of green vegetables is the right choice for liver detoxification. Or the green pigment chlorophyll absorbs toxins in the body in charge and throw it through urine or sweat. In addition to green vegetables, you also can choose cauliflower containing glucosinolates as an antioxidant that improves liver function.

  • Bits
The red vegetables have a high amount of flavonoids that function to produce glutathione to help cleanse the liver.

  • Lime
liver can terdetoksifikasi with the help of vitamin C. One of them with grapefruit and lime that meets the exact amount of vitamin C to produce liver enzyme cleaners.

  • Walnuts
Arginine contained in walnuts is an amino acid that can cleanse the body of toxins.

  • Green tea
This herbal drink you can enjoy everyday. Without the addition of sugar, the benefits of green tea catechins that will work best as an antioxidant.
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